Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinamomum Zylanicum) a plant indigenous to Sri Lanka is a moderately size bushy ever green tree. Cinnamon grown and produced in Sri Lanka has acquired long standing history in the international market due to its unique, quality, color, flavor and aroma.

As a Spices: Cinnamon is the most important and valuable spice produced in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has the monopoly powers in the world market for pure cinnamon (85% of world market share).

Why True Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Anti-lipidemic activity
Anti-lipase activity, Anti-cholesterol esterase, Cholesterol micellization inhibitory, HMG -CoA reductase inhibitory activity and Bile acid binding capacity
  • Anti-cancer activity

Glutathione-S-transferase enzyme inhibitory activity, Anti-genotoxicity

Cytotoxic activity on human Brest cancer cell line (MCF 7), liver cancer cell line (Hep G2), endometrial cancer cell line (AN3CA)

  • Anti-inflammatory activity
  • Anti-microbial activity

Antibacterial activity against pathogenic bacteria -E coli, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Bacillus

Antifungal activity against pathogenic fungi – Candida species and Fusarium

  • Cosmetic properties

Skin anti-aging, Skin Whitening, Moisturizing activity – Moderate to high activity

Anti-elastase, Anti-collagenase activity, Anti-hyaluronidase, Anti-tyrosinase

Sun Protection Factor (Bark – high (› 15) and Leaf – moderate (‹ 12))

Ceylon Cinnamon Grades

  • Alba
  • C4/C5
  • H1/H2
  • Quillings
  • Powder

Product Specification

Color                     Light brown to brown in color

Moisture             15%


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