Botanically, peppercorn belongs to the family of Piperaceae of the genus of piper; and known scientifically as Piper nigrum. Peppers, black pepper and white pepper are classified into two categories. Black pepper is commonly used for enhancing food for heightened taste and aroma. True Sri Lankan black pepper contains the highest amount of Piperine. Therefore, delicious foods made with Sri Lankan Black pepper consist of unique flavor and aroma that enhances savory dishes.

Health Benefits

  • Pepper helps to prevent the formation of intestinal gas in stomach.
  • Promotes sweating and urination.
  • Helps to lose weight, prevent cancer, cardiovascular diseases and liver problems.
  • Reduces the chances of skin cancer due to excess ultraviolet radiation.
  • Gives Relief from sinusitis and nasal congestion.
  • Good treatment for asthma and eye problems.

Ceylon Pepper Grades

  • Ceylon Black Pepper (Heavy berries and Light berries)
  • Ceylon White Pepper
  • Black Pepper Powder

Product Specification

  • Density Range:
    • 300GL to 450GL (Light Berries)
    • 450GL to 550GL (Heavy Berries)
  • Piperine Content Range: 8% – 12%
  • Volatile Oil Content Range: 2% – 4%


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